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Our Story


Three Wheels Coffee came from two passions in my life - bicycles and coffee. After quitting the day job six years ago I travelled to South America on a journey of discovery. I met amazing people and magnetically fell into coffee. Drinking enough of the stuff and learning from the best I returned to the UK.

When I arrived home I bought a tricycle from the depths of an eBay sale. Not only was it going to be my first three wheeled bike (stabilisers on my BMX Raleigh Styler doesn’t count!) but this was going to be a bike which would become a business. The realisation of what I bought set in. I needed to get this tricycle to support the weight of a 70kg professional coffee machine. So it was and Three Wheels was born and this crazy business idea looked like it would actually work.

Christmas Markets in Richmond Upon Thames, supporting the Tour de France in London with this three wheeled wonder was the start. Onto the Vulpine Cycle games in London and eventually the iconic opening at The Shard's been a hell of a ride and journey. I owe my incredible team and customers for all their support over the years.

The coffee which I sell has to be the best coffee available, so in a nod to my travels around the world in harvesting, picking, drying and tasting it was imperative that all my coffee comes from South America.

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